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Colonoscopy is widely accepted as the gold standard for screening, surveillance, and diagnosis of lower GI diseases. However, endoscopy technology has not changed significantly in decades and interval cancers still occur1. In a tandem study using traditional, forward-viewing (TFV) endoscopes, Rex et al. found they missed 24% of the adenomas in the first colonoscopy. Since that landmark study, other technologies have shown the miss rate for TFV to be 31%2.

In another multi-center tandem trial, the Fuse® endoscope system demonstrated the miss rate on adenomas with TFV was 41%. Out of 88 patients, a total of 48 adenomas were observed. TFV identified 28 adenomas. Fuse observed an additional 20 adenomas. This means an additional 69% more adenomas were detected by Fuse that traditional, forward-viewing endoscopes missed3. Conversely, when the patient received a colonoscopy with Fuse first, followed by TFV, the researchers had an adenoma miss rate of only 7%3.

How was this achieved? Traditional endoscopes provide no more than a 170° field of view. Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy provides a panoramic 330° field of view, allowing the endoscopist to see nearly twice as much anatomy as traditional endoscopes.

See The Difference.

Fuse® projects the expanded view onto a 4K Ultra HD display, giving you previously unseen views, such as behind colonic and pyloric folds, and other difficult anatomy. The revolutionary Fuse endoscope system allows clinicians to see more of the GI tract than ever before. While traditional endoscopes offer a limited field of view (no more than 170° for colonoscope or up to 150° for gastroscope), the Fuse endoscope system provides a significantly expanded field of view (330° for colonoscope; 245° for gastroscope).

Multiple imagers make the panoramic view possible. LEDs illuminate the field like never before, adding longevity and durability beyond fiber optic illumination. Using a technique similar to the ancient art of origami, EndoChoice® engineers arranged all these components comfortably into the Fuse endoscope's distal tip.


Full Spectrum Processing.

EndoChoice® designers have employed today's technology and human factors engineering to create the most user-friendly endoscopy experience yet. FuseBox®, with integrated FusePanel® image management system, combines sleek design with features designed to enhance performance, productivity, and user experience.


Meet the next generation in endoscopic image management.

For your convenience, FusePanel® saves every captured image permanently to FusePanel’s control unit, cataloging it by procedure. You can review and reprint images weeks or even months later.

Set-up is easy. Start a procedure with a touch of a button. Capture images remotely. Touch one button at the end of the procedure to print all your images.

FusePanel is Electronic Medical Record (EMR)-ready. All images are stored digitally, in addition to the printed images. Easily export the images to a PDF document, ready to be added to nearly any EMR system. FusePanel connects directly to endoscopy report writer (ERW) and transfers images automatically. FusePanel tracks patients, procedures performed, and clinician IDs automatically.

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From large hospitals and national healthcare organizations to smaller private practices and outpatient centers, Fuse has provided gastroenterologists a world-class view so that they can better detect pre-cancerous polyps before they become dangerous.

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Fuse® Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS)

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Interested researchers may now apply for EndoChoice's Fuse Investigator-Initiated Study program, which provides research grants to support independent, investigator-initiated research that is scientifically compelling and consistent with advancing the understanding of the clinical significance of the Fuse technology.

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(1) Rex et al. Gastroenterology 1997;
(2) Siersema et al. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2012;
(3) Gralnek et al. 2013 DDW AGA/ASGE Plenary