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EndoChoice®, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its revolutionary Fuse® Endoscope System to the GI market. The Fuse 1C colonoscope and the Fuse 1G gastroscope with the FuseBox® Processor allow for an extended field of view of 330° and 245° respectively. A recent clinical tandem study has concluded that this exceptionally wide field of view enables many clinical benefits including, lower adenoma miss rates and improved surveillance rates.

EndoChoice’s Fuse Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Program provides research grants to interested researchers to support independent, investigator-initiated research that is scientifically compelling and consistent with advancing the understanding of the clinical significance of the Fuse technology. EndoChoice is committed to supporting qualifying independent, investigator-initiated studies that further the understanding of and treatment of GI disease states with the Fuse Endoscopy System.



The Fuse IIS Program is designed to enable research that has the potential to improve the treatment of disease, patient outcomes and the quality of healthcare using the Fuse Endoscopy System.

Strategic Interest:

Fields of specific strategic interest to EndoChoice are:

·       Improving detection rates in both lower and upper GI tracts

·       Reduction in (interval) CRC

·       Impact on quality measures such as ADR, cecal intubation rate, withdrawal time, etc.

·       Impact on procedure efficiency such as time to cecum, easy identification of anatomical milestones, etc.

·       Impact of being able to see anatomy that has been previously difficult to see with traditional endoscopes or required retroflexion (ileocecal valve, portion of stomach and duodenum, rectum, etc).

Submission Process:

IIS proposals should be submitted via the online application portal (see link below). Proposals submitted through other means will not be considered for review.

Timeline for a Decision: The EndoChoice IIS Committee will review all initial proposals submitted via the online portal (link below) and send correspondence regarding the status of the review within 100 days following receipt of the proposal. If the proposal is approved, a full proposal will be requested for a more in-depth review including but not limited to a full method and detailed budget. Please note that the final funding decision will not be made based on the initial proposal submission.

Following submission of the full proposal, the EndoChoice Investigator IIS Committee will provide final approval and the proposal will undergo a regulatory review.

Evaluation Process:

All proposals will be evaluated by the EndoChoice IIS Committee and scored on the following criteria:

·       Quality of submission

·       Likelihood of successful completion

·       Level of support required

·       Timeliness

How to Submit:

Please click the link below to complete the Fuse IIS Application.


Fuse IIS Application